World events as lesson warm-ups

Teacher: 'Sooo… how are you, guys?' (disinterested, sleepy) students: 'Tiiiired.' (eager) teacher: ' What did you do last weekend'? (tired) students: 'Noooothing (special).' You can avoid those scenarios by drawing inspiration from the recent news, and I'd like to share a few examples. The following ideas have been tried and tested in class and received … Continue reading World events as lesson warm-ups


What students really need

What do students really want? What keeps them going? Several things got me contemplating about this. Is it... fun? Fun in the classroom was the topic of this year's InnovateELT conference – which unfortunately I didn't attend but was in the know (thanks, Internet). Fun in ELT is a concept I used to relate with … Continue reading What students really need

5 simple ways to recharge your teaching batteries

Let's start the blog rollin' with a light read. About vacation. And with some nice photos. Wow! It's my first blog post and I'm lovin' it. Khm. Excuse my extreme use of informal language and simple sentences, but I've been lying on the beach for a bit too long and these are the consequences. I'd … Continue reading 5 simple ways to recharge your teaching batteries