Let’s do this!

Sea salt in my hair, Adriatic scampi in my belly and a glass of red wine next to me… school year has just finished, summertime has just begun. This period is for me what New Year is for some: ‘goodbye old me, hello new me’ type of thing: rounding up with bad old habits, welcoming new ideas and projects… and this blog being one of them. I could talk about some decisions I have recently made that are going to change my life to some extent – and no, it’s not ‘I’m starting with the gym’ resolution type. It is something on a personal level, something invisible to the public eye, but fundamentally important to me – we can call it standing my ground, finding my voice, standing up for myself… I don’t know. But I do know it took me a lot of courage and it got me closer to the ‘better me’ version. And this blog is here because in a way it is a representation of this personal change of mine. I used to be an observer, afraid of saying things out loud, of expressing myself, of being entrepreneurial or of taking up some projects thinking ’nah, this will never work’. The reason why I’ve been waiting for so long to start a blog is precisely that ‘old’ way of thinking. Well, not this time! I’ve been observing, thinking, contemplating and questioning all things ELT for a couple of years now, but it’s time I started putting all of that into words. So here it is: a journey I’m so looking forward to – welcome! What about you, what made YOU start your blog?

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