5 simple ways to recharge your teaching batteries

Let’s start the blog rollin’ with a light read.

About vacation.

And with some nice photos.

Wow! It’s my first blog post and I’m lovin’ it.


Excuse my extreme use of informal language and simple sentences, but I’ve been lying on the beach for a bit too long and these are the consequences. I’d like to share a few easy but totally beneficial ways of switching off once your holidays start – whether you’re sipping Aperol Spritz in Italy or being busy with summer courses.  Happy teachers = happy everyone else.

1) Simple healthy diet

Farmers’ markets are your go-to places for fresh produce, fresh fish and herbs. Bon appétit!

2018-08-20 11.45.13 1.jpg


2) Say NO to the Internet

Let’s get real here – we stalk people too much and the world won’t get any better in 2 weeks. Just turn it all off.

3) Soak up the sun

When you’re offline, wonderful things start to happen like… you hug trees, notice the sound of the waves or read books.


4) Exercise

Maybe you cringe at the sole mention of the word. Yoga, aerobics, swimming… Start doing it to feel better. Your body will thank you and you’ll thank me.

5) Enjoy a guilty pleasure or two

Because cake is always a good idea.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Short and sweet just like this cake above, I hope this post will give you the extra push to take care of your well-being and take on all the future teaching challenges. It certainly does it for me.

How do you usually recharge and get ready for a new course? Would you like to do it differently? Let me know in the comments.

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